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CS 481 - Computer Science Senior Capstone Design


Gregory W. Donohoe, PhD, PE

  • Office: JEB 237
  • Tel: 208.885.6501
  • Email: gdonohoe@uidaho.edu
  • About me: Greg Donohoe's home page

Class Meetings

  • Designated Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:45, JEB 104
  • Individual project meetings, as arranged

Key Dates

  • Tuesday, Feb 28 - Lecture, EXPO registration, snapshot day expectations
  • Tuesday, March 6 - Snapshot Day
  • Friday, March 9 - logbook and website review complete
  • Tuesday, April 17 - Lecture, EXPO logistics
  • Friday, April 27, Engineering EXPO


Project communication: Email Protocol Guidelines

Profession writing: Professional Writing Hints

Design reports: Design Report Outline


Cost Management System

Team Name Cost Management

Customer: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Continuation of a project started last semester. On-line entering and tracking of labor. Cost Management Project Description. This is a continuing project from last semester. Project summary: Engineering Expo Poster, 2011


  • Steve Long
  • Nathan Mazur

Faculty Mentor: Clint Jeffery

Bassoon Teaching Application

Team Name: Bassoon App.

Customer: Prof. Susan Hess, Lionel Hampton School of Music, University of Idaho. Assist students and professionals in selecting fingerings for bassoon under different playing conditions. This is a one-semester project. Bassoon Teaching App Project Description


  • Jacob Flynn
  • Sasha Solomon
  • Maxwell Stillwell

Faculty Mentor: Terry Soule

Scientific Data Management System

Team Name: Eco Data

Sponsor: Prof. Alex Fremier, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho. Organization, storage and retrieval of science data. One-semester project. Science Data Management System Project Description


  • Colby Blair
  • Michael Solomon

Faculty Mentor: Bruce Bolden

Web Page: http://senior_design.joranbeasley.com

Mobile Data Communications

Team Name: Mobile Comm

Sponsor: Fred Lionetti, Decagon Devices. Develop a protocol and software to enable RS-232 interconnection with mobile devices such as the Android. One-semester project. RS-232 DataComm Project Description


  • Joran Beasley
  • Lee VanGundy

Faculty Mentor: Bob Rinker

Course Milestones

  1. Project selection and team assignments
  2. Project web page
  3. Customer interview
  4. Conceptual design -- about 2 weeks after customer interview
  5. Report intermediate results
    1. Logbook review - March 9
    2. Website review - March 9
  6. Implement & test solution
  7. Report final results
    1. Engineering Expo presentations - April 27
    2. Final project report - May 4
    3. Project web site report - May 4


Engineering Logbook Handout