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CS 324: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Catalog Description: Use of the computer to define, store, manipulate, and display 2-D and 3-D objects; 2-D curve fitting and 3-D surface development.

Type: This is technical elective course.

Total Credits: 3

Course Coordinator: Bruce Bolden

URL: http://www2.cs.uidaho.edu/~bruceb/cs324/

Prereq: CS 121 and MATH 330

Textbook: Edward Angel, Interactive Computer Graphics Using OpenGL, Fifth edition, Addison-Wesley, 2009 or equivalent text.

Prerequisites by Topic:

  • Linked lists, stacks and queues (CS 121)
  • Matrix manipulation, dot product, and cross product (Math 330)

Major Topics Covered

  1. Linear Algebra / Vectors (3 hours)
  2. 2 and 3-D Transformations (6 hours)
  3. Curves and Surfaces (4 hours)
  4. Modeling (6 hours)
  5. Rendering (7 hours)
    1. General overview
    2. Scan line
    3. Ray tracing
  6. Lighting (3 hours)
  7. OpenGL (5 hours)
  8. Texturing (2 hours)
  9. Volume Rendering (2 hours)

Course Outcomes

  1. Have a working knowledge of the topics in the list above
  2. Be able to use a standard graphics package in a common programming language such as Java or C++ to generate and display graphics
  3. Follow good programming style: modular design, meaningful variable names, logical organization
  4. In agreement with instructor, incorporate techniques such as 2D and 3D transforms, shading, texture mapping