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CS 398: Computer Science Cooperative Internship

Catalog Description: Supervised internship in professional computer science settings, integrating academic study with work experience; requires formal plan of activities before co-op assignment and final written report evaluated by on-campus faculty members. Graded P/F.

Type: Technical elective for CS majors

Total Credits: 1-3

Course Coordinator: Rick Sheldon

Prereq: Permission of Departmental Advisor

Textbook: None

Grading: Pass/Fail


  1. Up to three credits of CS 398 can be counted as CS technical electives.
  2. For extended internship postings of more than 3 months, additional credit can be earned through CS 299, Directed Study, which are not counted as technical electives.
  3. You must have a written commitment (can be an email) from a computer related business or government agency before registering for CS 398 credit.
  4. Except under unusual circumstances, you can only register for CS 398 credit in the semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) in which you are on site at the business or government agency.

Reporting Schedule

The reporting schedule is to be arranged with the course instructor.

Reporting Requirements

The reports can be emailed to the instructor; PDF or Word files preferred.

  1. Beginning of the semester “statement of intent” (2 printed pages):
    1. The name, address, phone, and email of the supervisor at the site of business.
    2. Your address, phone, and email at the site of business, if known.
    3. What you will be doing during the internship
    4. Your assignments
  2. Monthly email progress reports
    1. A one- or two-paragraph email will suffice
  3. Mid-semester progress report (2 printed pages)
    1. Revised address, phone numbers, and email for you and your supervisor, if necessary.
    2. Revised statement of goals and assignment.
    3. Accomplishments to date.
    4. What you have learned, how the internship has added to your educational experience.
  4. End-of-semester final report (2-3 pages)
    1. Complete contact information for your supervisor(s).
    2. Overal statement of the intent and purpose of the internship.
    3. Statement of all assignments and responsibilities.
    4. Statement of accomplishments, tasks completed.
    5. Statement of learning objectives accomplished.
    6. Summary internship has affected your overall educational experience.

Major Topics Covered

This course is a supervised internship, so topics are not pre-determined. The topics explored and the nature of the experience grow out of the work situation, and depend on the needs of the sponsor.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion, the student should be able to apply Computer Science knowledge to a real-world working situation. He or she will have had experience managing the ambiguities of product specification, converting requirements to products, and participating in professional discussions with colleagues to gain a broader understanding of the profession and the workplace.