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CS 401/501: Contemporary Issues in Computer Science

Catalog Description

Ethical, legal, and intellectual property issues; current research topics; and other issues of importance to the professional computer scientist. Graded P/F.

Type: CS 401 is required for all Computer Science majors. CS 501 is required for graduate students in CS.

Total Credits: 1

Contact Hours: 1 lecture hour per week.

Course Coordinator: Clinton Jeffery

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CS 401+501: Contemporary Issues in Computer Science



Prereq: Graduate standing is required to take as CS 501. Senior standing is required to take CS 401.

Textbook: None.

This course is also the Computer Science Colloquium, taught in seminar format,featuring guest speakers. Some short projects may be assigned, requiring the student to research and report on a specific topic. Go to the course URL above for samples of topics from previous semesters.

The seminars are open to all who are interested.

Major Topics Covered

  1. Important trends in computing
  2. Professional ethical, legal, security, and social implications of computing
  3. The social significance of computing, including local and global impacts
  4. The need for, and opportunities, for lifelong learning
  5. Current research directions, including research projects underway at the University of Idaho
  6. Best practices, presented by practicing CS professionals

Course Outcomes

Note: the primary Student Outcomes addressed in this course are (e), (g), and (h), all Emphasized.

Upon completion, students will be aware of current technical, social and economic trends in computing: their challenges, opportunities, and impact on society. Understand the research process and reporting research results. Opportunities, and the need for, lifelong learning.

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