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Parallel Programming

Catalog Description: Analysis, mapping, and the application of parallel programming software to high-performance systems; the principles of spatial- and temporal-locality of data memory hierarchies in performance tuning; architectural considerations in the design and implementation of a parallel program; the tradeoff between threaded (shared memory) and message-passing (distributed memory) programming styles and performance. Additional projects/assignments required for graduate credit.

Total Credits: 3

Course Coordinator: Robert Hiromoto

URL: None

Syllabus: CS 411/511 Syllabus

Recommended preparation: Proficiency in programming using a modern language such as C or C++.

Textbook: An Introduction to Parallel Programming, Peter Pacheco, Morgan Kauffmann, ISBN-10: 0123742609

Major Topics Covered

  1. Spatial and temporal locality
  2. Parallel programming concepts
  3. Shared resources
  4. Shared memory programming using threads
  5. Message passing using MPI
  6. Performance issues