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Artificial Intelligence

Catalog Description: Concepts and techniques involved in artificial intelligence. Lisp, goal-directed searching, history trees, inductive and deductive reasoning, natural language processing, and learning.

Total Credits: 3

Course Coordinator: Terry Soule

URL: http://www2.cs.uidaho.edu/~tsoule/cs470/cs470.html

Prereq: CS 210

Textbook: Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, 1995 or equivalent text.

Major Topics Covered

  • Agents (3 lectures)
  • Philosophy of artificial intelligence (3 lectures)
  • Search (3 lectures)
  • Advanced search / A* search (2 lectures)
  • Min-max search (2 lectures)
  • Alpha-beta pruning (2 lectures)
  • Multi-player and probabilistic games (2 lectures)
  • Constraints (3 lectures)
  • Logical reasoning (6 lectures)
  • Knowledge representation (3 lectures)
  • Neural Networks (2 Lectures)
  • Planning (3 lectures)

Course Outcomes

After taking CS 428/528, a student should be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of various genres of computer games such as maze games, adventure games, shooter games, collection, games, and role playing games
  • summarize the impact of computer games on society
  • explain game mechanics and tradeoffs such as turn-based versus real-time, competitive versus cooperative, and, progressive skill and experience levels.
  • define and characterize principles and traits of virtual environments, such as persistent world, shared quests, and virtual objects.
  • describe their first-hand experience gained in developing a game, from proposal through design, development and testing, and on to public demonstration or release