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CS 507: Fundamentals of Research

Catalog Description: This course is devoted to those fundamental skills that every graduate student and researcher must master: reading, writing, and research.

Type: Available for graduate credit.

Total Credits: 3

Course Coordinator: Terry Soule

URL: http://www2.cs.uidaho.edu/~tsoule/cs507/


Prereq: Graduate standing or instructor permission

Textbook: Reference texts. See syllabus.

We will study the parts of a research paper: the abstract, introduction, background, methods, results, conclusions, and bibliography and will dissect the research processes; examining the features of successful and unsuccessful research and presentation of research.

Coursework will include: reading and reviewing papers, writing parts of research papers and theses or dissertations, and presenting papers.

Major Topics / Course Outcomes

  • The application of statistics to research data (a)
  • Planning and conducting research (b)
  • How to read a research paper carefully, critically, and efficiently (g)
  • How to write successful research papers (g)
  • How to write a thesis or dissertation (g)
  • Basic grantsmanship (g)
  • Presenting research (g)
  • The review process (j)
  • Latex and gnuplot (k)