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CS 510: Programming Language Theory

Catalog Description: Advanced topics in programming language theory including formal syntax, formal semantics, denotational semantics, and type theory; principles of programming language design are stressed; not a comparative language class. Cooperative: open to WSU degree-seeking students.

Type: Available for graduate credit.

Total Credits: 3

Course Coordinator: Jim Alves-Foss

URL: None


Co-req: CS 385: Theory of Computation, or equivalent

Recommended Background: CS 210: Programming Languages

Textbook: Slonnegar & Kurtz, Formal Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages, Addison-Wesley Longman, January 1995. ISBN-13: 978-0201656978

Major Topics

  1. Formal syntax of programming languages
  2. Operational semantics specification
  3. Axiomatic semantics specification
  4. Type theory and its relation to formal language specification
  5. Formal semantics related to programming language analysis

Course Outcomes

  1. Understand mechanisms for formally specifying syntax of programming languages
  2. Be able to write and modify formal syntax to specify restrictions on language
  3. Write and modify operational semantics to specify meaning of language and language constructs
  4. Write and modify axiomatic semantics to specify meaning of language and language constructs
  5. Write software tools to assist in the analysis of programs