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CS 513: Concurrent Systems

Catalog Description: Issues of parallel computer architecture considering a hardware/software approach; topics include convergence of parallel architectures, fundamental design issues, parallel programs, programming for performance, workload-driven evaluation, shared memory multiprocessors, snoopy-based multiprocessor design, scalable multiprocessors, cache coherence, hardware software tradeoffs, interconnection network design, latency tolerance, and future directions of concurrent systems.

Type: Available for graduate credit

Total Credits: 3

Course Coordinator: Robert Hiromoto

URL: None

Syllabus: CS 513 Syllabus

Prereq: CS 150 and CS 240

Textbook: Reference texts. See syllabus.

Major Topics Covered

  • Principles of spatial and temporal locality
  • Complexity of architectural building blocks
    • Tradeoffs in attaining optimal performance
  • Vector chaining, loop interchange and unrolling, code motion, operand pre-fetching
  • Symmetric multiprocessors and distributed memory processing systems
  • Hierarchical memory architectures
  • GPU architecture and programming issues
  • Dual- and multi-core systems and programming issues