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June 16, 2011 (GWD). Greg Donohoe met with Clint Jeffery and Bruce Bolden to define a process for assessing Student Outcome (k), "design software systems of varying complexity". The "varying complexity" phrase makes this an aggregate assessment, over several classes. Finished this task and wrote it up.

June 9, 2011 (GWD). Greg Donohoe and Clint Jeffery met to discuss the sequence CS 383 - Software Engineering I, CS 384 - Software Engineering II, and CS 481 - Senior Capstone Design. The goals are (1) to clarify the course topics, course outcomes and related student outcomes, and 92) to plan a transition to a two-semester capstone sequence, with the current CS 383 serving as the first semester, and CS 481 the second semester. Clint will provide a draft of topics and outcomes for CS 383 and 384, and Greg will do so for CS 481.