MATH 176

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Discrete Mathematics

Catalog Description: Induction, set theory, graph theory, number systems, Boolean algebra, and elementary counting.

Total Credits: 3

Contact Hours: 3 lecture hours per week

Course Coordinator: Hirotachi Abo


Prereq: MATH 143: Pre-Calculus Algebra or equivalent placement scores

Textbook: "Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics" by Ralph P. Grimaldi, Pearson Education

Textbook URL:,4096,0201199122,00.html?type=FEA

Prerequisites by Topic:

Main Topics Covered

  1. Fundamental Principles of Counting
  2. Fundementals of Logic
  3. Set Theory
  4. Properties of Integers
  5. Relations and Functions

Course Outcomes

  1. Understand and use combinatorial techniques for counting problems.
  2. Read and write statements involving standard mathematical notation, which include quantifiers, set operations, and "if-then" structures.
  3. Identify the converse, contrapositive, and negation of a given logical statement.
  4. Understand and use the notion of set to formulate the mathematical topic being investigated in a concise manner.
  5. Learn mathematical induction and will be able to write simple proofs using mathematical induction.
  6. Have an understanding of functions from a set-theoretic approach.
  7. Learn discrete methods relevant to Computer Science.