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In 2006, the Computer Science Department re-established its advisory board to provide assistance in defining and attaining the department's goals and strategic plans. Board members provide independent guidance and recommendations to help maintain high caliber undergraduate and graduate educational programs.

The Computer Science Advisory Board consists of up to 12 individuals from industry, interested in the programs offered by the University of Idaho Computer Science Department. The board currently has 7 members who have graciously agreed to donate their time and expertise by providing valuable input for the department.

The following is a listing of the Computer Science Advisory Board’s Vision and Mission statements:


To assist the Computer Science Department in defining and attaining its goals and strategic plans and in providing guidance to maintain a high caliber undergraduate and graduate educational program.


  • Assist with periodic review of the computer science programs.
  • Suggest program improvements.
  • Assist in obtaining scholarships and internships.
  • Improve relationships with department constituents.
  • Become an advocate in promoting the department.
  • Assist in fund-raising activities.