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The CS Department maintains five teaching classroom/labs, and additional computers, accessible via wireless and wired local area networks.

Departmental Managed Labs and Classrooms

  1. JEB 321 Technology Enhanced Classroom. 20 student computers running Windows 7 Enterprise
  2. JEB 211D (Computer Science Assistance Center: CSAC). 8 open-access computers running Windows 7 Enterprise
  3. JEB 211A: Configurable classroom used for Real-Time Operating Systems and other classes requiring special-purpose equipment in addition to desktop computers 8 Limited-access computers running CentosOS 6.4 Linux environment
  4. Reconfigurable Attack-Defend Instructional Computing Lab. 12 limited-access student computers, typically configured as 6 “attackers” and 6 “defenders” for computer security courses. Local area network can be disconnect from the university network to prevent internally-generate malware from leaking into “the wild”

Server Infrastructure

Mission-critical hardware

  • Two 1U (Virtual Machine) hosts with 16Gb RAM and two quad-core Xeons. These are running about six virtual machines to support instruction and web services.
  • Disk services are provided by a single RAID 6 array + Linux head.
  • A single LTO3 tape unit provides nightly incremental backups with monthly full


  • One database server with an internal RAID5 array (used for forums and wiki).
  • One 48-port 1Gb managed switch.
  • One 24-port KVM switch.

Non-mission-critical hardware

  • One physical server that functions as a monitoring server and mail relay.
  • One administrative server that functions as a root Certificate Authority.
  • One server with a RAID5 array that functions as a virtual machine repository.